Bullying in the Workplace

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Course objectives
  • Define what constitutes bullying
  • Understand the costs of bullying to people and organizations
  • Identify bullying behaviours and the reasons behind them
  • Know some ways to prevent bullying and understand what role you can play
  • Know some ways to protect yourself from bullying
  • Know what to do if you are bullied
  • Identify appropriate solutions for a bullying incident
  • Assist in creating an anti-bullying policy

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When most people think of bullying, images immediately come to mind of children in a schoolyard being taunted, pointed at, called names, ostracised, and physically threatened. Most people don’t think about bullying occurring in a workplace. Yet, it’s a remarkably common experience for many. 

Bullying in the workplace can be hard to identify and address. What does bullying look like? How can you discourage it in your workplace? What can you do to better protect your staff and co-workers? We address all of these questions and more in this course. 

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